About Agoda

At Agoda, we build the future of global travel. Based in Asia and part of Booking Holdings, we are equipped to solve travel’s most complex challenges. Agodans are mathematicians, engineers, artists, and more from varied life experiences. What brings us together are our ideas, a shared passion to win, and the willingness to go beyond what’s familiar.Agoda’s Tech team consists of over 1,500 high-caliber professionals from countries around the globe. Based in our tech hubs in Singapore, Thailand and India, as well as remote locations, our tech talents come together to build travel for the world alongside best-in-class colleagues and with top-tier technologies. We’re growing and constantly hiring.


Eligibility: Coders of all levels and nationalities are welcome to participate in Codegoda.

Rewards & Prizes:

Winner: 3,500 USD cash prize

1st Runner Up: 2,000 USD cash prize

2nd Runner Up: 1,000 USD cash prize

4th to 10th Place: 250 USD cash prize each

Top Female Coder: Additional 500 USD cash prize

Job interview opportunities for participants with relevant work experience, based on their performance in Agoda Codegoda.