AMD – Advanced Micro Devices is hiring for the role of MTS Systems Design Engineer!

Responsibilities of the Candidate:

Driving technical innovation to improve AMD’s capabilities across validation, including tool and script development, technical and procedural methodology enhancement, and various internal and cross-functional technical initiatives

Debugging issues found during the process, CIT, validation, and production phases of a project 

Working with multiple teams, and tracking development progress to make sure all features are validated and optimized on time

Working closely with supporting technical teams

Engage with other software/hardware teams internally.

Led collaborative approach with multiple teams

Requirements :

Good understanding of the Android NDK layer

Debugging skills to troubleshoot problems in user space and Linux kernel space using GDB

OS concepts like processes, threads, IPC, and multi-threading programming

Good programming experience in C, C++, and Java

Preferably expertise in writing kernel drivers, memory management

Experience in software development tools such as version control (Git), compilers (GCC, Clang), build tools (Make)

Preferably good knowledge of any performance tool (Linux perf, trace)

Preferably experience in programming (e.g., C/C++, Python, Bash)

Excellent communication ready to learn attitude