About Baker Hughes:

Baker Hughes Company is an American international industrial service company and one of the world’s largest oil field services companies. The company provides the oil and gas industry with products and services for oil drilling, formation evaluation, completion, production and reservoir consulting.
Job Description
Baker Hughes Off-campus hiring candidates for the post of Software Developer.
Job Responsibilities:
Applying principles of SDLC and Lean/Agile/XP/TDD/CI/CD methodologies to deliver high-quality, secured, and scalable software modules.
Writing code that meets standards and delivers desired functionality using the technology selected for the project.
Developing core data structures and algorithms, implementing them using the language of choice.
Understanding the importance of test-driven development and high-quality output.
Understanding performance parameters and can assess application performance.
Demonstrating awareness about product positioning and differentiation.
Eligibility Criteria:
Bachelor’s degree from CS /IT /ECE.
Preferred skill:
Comfortable in building features such as web services and Queries on existing tables.
Aware of Methods and practices such as Lean/Agile/XP, etc. May have prior work experience in an agile environment, or introductory training on Lean/Agile. Aware of and able to apply continuous integration (CI).
Operates with general understanding of the impacts of technology choice to the software development life cycle.
Has the ability to break down problems and estimate time for development tasks.
Understands the technology landscape, up to date on current technology trends and new technology, brings new ideas to the team.
Displays understanding of the project’s value proposition for the customer. Shows commitment to deliver the best value proposition for the targeted customer.
Learns organization vision statement and decision making framework. Able to understand how team and personal goals/objectives contribute to the organization vision