About Bank of America:

Global Business Services delivers Technology and Operations capabilities to Lines of Business and Staff Support Functions of Bank of America through a centrally managed, globally integrated delivery model and globally resilient operations.

Bank of America Recruitment Responsibilities:

  • Develop software in agile and iterative cycles.
  • Will take part in innovation programs, developer forums, hackathons.
  • Low latency electronic trading including algorithmic trading.
  • Complex derivatives and structured products trading.
  • Real time and intra-day risk including Monte Carlo simulations, climate risk valuations.
  • Auto-hedging and portfolio optimizations.
  • Intelligent automation of trade processing including applied robotics.
  • Intelligent anti-money laundering and fraud detection
  • Real time cash flow predictive modelling.
  • Modernization of global real time payments.
  • Digital Banking Assistants and enhanced BOT capabilities.
  • Work with global development teams and business partners across USA, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific including quants, strategists, traders, and risk managers.

Preferred skill:

  • Sound knowledge of programming languages . Net, Java, Angular, React, Python etc.
  • Familiar with UNIX programming and shell scripting.
  • Good knowledge of Software development and testing skills.
  • Good data structures knowledge – with some RDBMS programming skills.
  • Attention to detail and strong work ethic.
  • Good at problem solving and have quantitative skills.
  • Fast learners with good aptitude/analytical skills.
  • Good written and verbal communications skills with good positive attitude.