Cognizant is hiring for the role of Software Engineer!

Responsibilities of the Candidate:

Extend support for helping new community members settle into their new roles, including logistical help if required.

Be accountable for resolving any conflicts transparently and fairly during the performance management process.

Drive community-specific performance management operational processes.Keep tabs on the rewards and recognition process, and the rewards granted, and work with the operations team for required changes.

Motivate leads and Managers to reward associates appropriately and timely.Update Resume in HCM and ensure skill profiles in MyCareerApp are current.

Mentor your teams to keep track of the skill profile promptly and bring newly acquired skills and proficiencies to the attention of their home manager.

Undergo talent profiling to benchmark the given associate within the community.

Understand the competency proficiency role mapping for self.

Solicit performance feedback and use it to identify proficiency gaps in the remit of the role.Update the home manager of any concerns with regard to the responsibilities undertaken in an engagement.

Help members articulate project expectations, and provide guidance and supervision to deliver the defined tasks.Participate actively in responding to requests for help/assistance.

Engage with members to understand their challenges and direct them to knowledge centres within the community.

Make judicious and practical commitments while undertaking engineering responsibilities.Highlight any dependencies, risks, and bottlenecks that can influence your commitments.

Make every effort to ensure your commitments are honoured and delivered.Reach out for feedback from peers and managers.

Provide reviews and feedback when requested by peers.Work out an improvement plan with the managers when applicable.Understand the metrics that are relevant for benchmarking different activities.

Understand the impact of the metrics on the business outcomes of the customer.

Understand how the metrics are mapped and tracked in the Cognizant system.


AWS Cloud

Azure Services


Spring Boot



Engineering & Design