Why join this Virtual Experience Program?

Are you a curious problem solver with a passion for working with data? Do you have some experience with programming and statistics? Are you interested in how Artificial Intelligence is implemented in the real world? Then this is the program for you!

In this virtual experience program, you will gain enviable insight into what it’s like to solve meaningful challenges with our diverse and forward-thinking team at BCG X. The program will show you what kind of problems are solved at BCG X and will attempt to simulate the challenges you will be facing – new terminology, ambiguity about the client goal, challenging data analysis. All those aspects form an integral part of our day-to-day work.

BCG X is transforming the businesses of today through data science and analytics initiatives. Our goal is to help companies generate competitive advantage through these insights. This program is designed to give you a feel of what it is like to work at BCG X as we help our clients using data science.

Data science is a large market of opportunity and expertise within BCG and when tackling a business problem there are typically 5 high-level steps that we follow:

  1. Business understanding & problem framing: understanding the context of the customer and the problem they’re trying to solve with data
  2. Exploratory data analysis & data cleaning: understanding the customers’ data and its statistical properties as well as preparing a dataset for further analysis
  3. Feature engineering: using business context and expertise to create new data that may provide useful signals in the prediction of outcomes
  4. Modeling and evaluation: Using your engineered dataset to model an outcome and generate predictions. Then, testing these predictions against the ground truth to see whether they are reliable.
  5. Insights & Recommendations: turning the insights of this analysis into business decisions and recommendations.

Each of the tasks in this program aligns to a stage in the data science process and follows a real-world example to bring it to life.

We recognize that these tasks are challenging and that there are undoubtedly phrases and terminology you may not have heard before – don’t worry! We have tried to make this experience as true to life as possible and therefore our ask is that you attempt to seek out independent sources of information and do your own research, as required, to help guide you through the tasks.

Disclaimer: Participation in this virtual experience program is not an employment relationship with BCG. It is our policy that you do not list your completion of this program as work or internship experience on your CV, LinkedIn, or any other social media or professional platform. For guidance on how to accurately represent your experience, review the Forage CV referencing policy.