Customer relationship management
• Accountable for customer satisfaction through quality of service and precise communication
• Accountable for equipment safety and performance
• Accountable for selling service repairs
• Accountable for the sales lead volume, quality, and further processing of sales leads
• Accountable for resolving customer service quality complaints
• Accountable for resolving customers invoicing complaints related to maintenance operations
Service operations
• Accountable for the end-users, the sites and the technicians safety
• Accountable for the delivery of  service according to the service contract requirements, the time limits, the KONE quality standards and the local regulations
• Accountable for the control of the field operations costs and CMII
• Accountable for callouts and service repairs sales
• Responsible for proximity stock content & value
• Accountable for managing the third party inspections visits and follow-up actions
• Validates the service contract technical terms with the salesperson
• Accountable for supporting the maintenance of any foreign equipment coming into the LIS base
• Responsible for helping the KC3 solving technician callout assignment conflicts (priorities)
• Accountable for solving and closing the open callouts and reacting in case of stopped equipment and/or safety issues
• Accountable for reducing the callouts in his area
• Accountable for reviewing callout and service repairs invoices that are not automatically invoiced
• Accountable for the timely completion of the planned maintenance visits
• Accountable for the planned maintenance scheduling and optimized routing
• Responsible for performing site audits
• Responsible for investigating accidents and following company policy on evidence custody and internal reporting.
• Responsible for the control and authorization of overtime

At KONE, we are focused on creating an innovative and collaborative working culture where we value the contribution of each individual. Employee engagement is a key focus area for us and we encourage participation and the sharing of information and ideas. Sustainability is an integral part of our culture and the daily practice. We follow ethical business practices and we seek to develop a culture of working together where co-workers trust and respect each other and good performance is recognized. In being a great place to work, we are proud to offer a range of experiences and opportunities that will help you to achieve your career and personal goals and enable you to live a healthy and balanced life.