About Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company which produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. Its best known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, the Microsoft Office suite, and the Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers. Its flagship hardware products are the Xbox video game consoles and the Microsoft Surface lineup of touchscreen personal computers. Microsoft ranked No. 21 in the 2020 Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.


Work closely with mentors at MSR in collaboration with product groups in the US and India

Get publications in top-tier conferences

Get publications on shipping the algorithms into production to improve the productivity and experience of hundreds of millions of users worldwide.


Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms with a strong implementation background in C, Python, Tensorflow/PyTorch, SQL, etc., with lots of experience in carrying out experiments and empirical research

Background in machine learning, deep learning and/ or distributed systems for working on large-scale machine learning problems and delivering both academic and real-world impact

Experience with writing multi-threaded/ high-performance code with C/ C++Passion for building and maintaining great products that benefit hundreds of millions of people worldwide through research

Willingness to take risks and deal with research uncertainties

Skills :

Familiarity with linear algebra, probability, statistics and optimization

Familiarity with recommender systems, web search, online advertising and/ or dense retrieval

Familiarity with large language models, pre-training, large-scale fine-tuning, distillation, contrastive learning, negative sampling, approximate nearest neighbor search, etc.