Software Engineer at NatWest Group | Apply Here!!


Natwest Group is hiring for the role of Software Engineer!

Responsibilities of the Candidate:

  • Produce complex and critical software rapidly and of high quality which adds value to the business
  • Work in permanent teams who are responsible for the full life cycle, from initial development, through enhancement and maintenance to replacement or decommissioning
  • Collaborate to optimize our software engineering capability
  • Design, produce, test, and implement our working code
  • Work across the life cycle, from requirements analysis and design, through coding to testing, deployment, and operations


  • Experience working with code repositories, bug tracking tools, and wikis
  • Coding experience in multiple programming languages
  • Experience with DevOps and Agile methodology and associated toolsets and methodologies
  • A background in solving highly complex, analytical, and numerical problems
  • Experience in implementing programming best practices, especially around scalability, automation, virtualization, optimization, availability, and performance