About Company:

S&P Global delivers essential intelligence that powers decision making. We provide the world’s leading organizations with the right data, connected technologies and expertise they need to move ahead. As part of our team, you’ll help solve complex challenges that equip businesses, governments and individuals with the knowledge to adapt to a changing economic landscape.S&P Global Market Intelligence partners with customers to broaden their perspective and operate with confidence by bringing them leading data sources and technologies that embed insight in their daily work.

Job Description

We will provide you with a variety of experiences to help you identify your strengths, develop highly transferable skills, and align you to a successful career path for a bright future at S&P Global.

Through a wide variety of experiences and opportunities, like all our colleagues, you’ll become an integral part of the S&P Global culture – all enhancing the exciting work you do with the team you’re hired into!

You’ll be part of a global community, building an invaluable network of knowledge and support from your mentors, peer group and wider teams.

Eligibility Criteria:

Final year students who are working towards a B.Tech (CS/ IT) degree in Computer Science and Information Technology.

Preferred skill:

Basic Knowledge of one or more programing languages and oops concepts

Basic Knowledge of any database, SQL Queries

Basic knowledge of Linux/Windows OS, Networking, 3-tier applications

Good communications skills

Ability to document requirements and specifications

Be open to learn new things

Basic knowledge of Cloud technologies (e.g. Azure, AWS, Google) will be added advantage

Willing to work in 24*5 environment on rotational shifts