Specialist Programmer Data Engineer at Infosys | Apply Here!!


Infosys is hiring for the position of Specialist Programmer Data Engineer!

Responsibilities of the Candidate:

  • Be ahead of the technology curve and will be constantly enabled and trained to be Polyglots
  • Go-Getters with a drive to solve end customer challenges and will spend most of their time in designing and coding, End to End contribution to technology oriented development projects
  • Provide solutions with minimum system requirements and in Agile Mode
  • Collaborate with Power Programmers
  • Open Source community and Tech User group
  • Custom Development of new Platforms & Solutions ,Opportunities
  • Work on Large Scale Digital Platforms and marketplaces
  • Work on Complex Engineering Projects using cloud native architecture 
  • Work with innovative Fortune 500 companies in cutting edge technologies


  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Mandatory: Spark, Scala/Python, Kafka, Hive Desirable: Hadoop ecosystem, Hbase
  • Bigdata
  • Bigdata
  • Opensource