About Western Union:

Western Union is an Financial services company that provide services Wire transfers, Money orders, Money transfers, Bill pay, Transfer tracking and Price estimation.

Eligibility Criteria:

B.E. / B.Tech. / MCA in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field is required.New graduates with internships in this field will be considered.Knowledge of Java/ .Net and related technologies

Preferred skill:

Knowledge model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern

Experience in developing on Windows/ Linux/Unix platforms

Web and App server experience (IIS, Tomcat, Apache, WebLogic, etc.)Write small software code (100-300 LOC per day), maintain, and improve existing software code in product modules as per provided specifications, and get it reviewed by the manager or mentors in the project team.

Provide bug fixes to software issues identified during the development & testing phases under the guidance of senior team members.

Write simple proof-of-concept software projects under the strict supervision of a senior in the project team.

Learn software languages like Java / .Net, syntax, and coding practices to be implemented in projects.

Job Description

You will be responsible for writing IT software code using the technology & product or domain skills acquired through academic knowledge and on-the-job learning in small module projects.

This is a preparatory role for you to build technical, functional & domain knowledge before you get involved in developing software modules independently.

You will be required to debug software issues in small project modules and provide fixes or resolve them under the direct supervision of a manager.