Genpact (NYSE: G) is a global professional services firm delivering the outcomes that transform our clients’ businesses and shape their future. We’re guided by our real-world experience redesigning and running thousands of processes for hundreds of global companies.

Responsibilities of the Candidate:

  • Creation of cutting-edge models for understanding vast amounts of textual, numeric, graphic, and speech data
  • Creation and deployment of production-ready code
  • Create a framework for AI/ML code deployment to ensure the robustness and reliability of production-ready models


  • BTech in Computer Science/Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics, and communication
  • Academic course work in various levels of math dealing with probability and statistics, Bayesian networking and graphical modeling, and coverage of deep learning and neural networks and cognitive science
  • One or more assignments completed in designing, building, training, and deploying a model for a given area.