What do you need to have:

  • The data warehouse is Oracle, so team members should be familiar with SQL.
  • We use a lot of scripts, so it is good to know PowerShell and Linux shell scripting.
  • We do promotions via Subversion, but you don’t need to know Subversion. We do 10-20 promotions each day.
  • Strong teamwork skills required
  •   Strong investigative / research skills required.
  •  It would be good to know Linux, because many of our jobs run on Linux servers.
  • Knowledge of vi would be helpful.
  • Knowledge or regular expressions would be helpful.
  • It would be good to know basic Windows administration.
  • It would be good to know HTML, JavaScript, and PHP, because we have web pages to help with our work.
  • It will be helpful to be very curious, and want to learn new things.

What we are offering:

Competitive salary based on experience and annual increases based on performance.

Ability to work fully remote at home.

A strong work/life balance with a focus that we all have – and should have – lives outside of work.

Challenging work with the opportunity to personally learn and grow.

Professional development opportunities with conferences & training.

Multicultural work environment and career opportunities (EU and beyond)

A bright, passionate, caring team that holds each other accountable and has each other’s backs.

Private medical healthcare (Luxmed)

MyBenefit program: shopping vouchers, free sports activities (e.g. Multisport card) and much more

Group insurance (Uniqa)


POL Work-at-Home