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About IBM

IBM (Global)IBM (Global)International Business Machines Corporation, known as IBM, is the largest computer maker in the world. the nickname of the company is Big Blue which has been given by IBM’s group of a uniformly dressed salesman, whose dark suits and the white shirt was worn by the company’s leader Thomas Watson, Sr.Thomas Watson transformed the CTR into a world leader of IT.CTR was formed in 1911 by Charles Runlet

Responsibilities of the Candidate:

Focus on individual/ team objectives and involve yourself in the development of professional effectiveness

Design applications, write codes, test, debug and maintain Software Applications across various platforms and technologies

Assist in monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting computer systems, servers, networks, and other technology infrastructure components.

Provide support to end-users or customers by addressing technical issues, resolving software/hardware problems, and guiding users on system usage.ssist in deploying new hardware and software solutions, including setting up servers, installing applications, and configuring network devices


Familiarity with computer hardware, operating systems, and networking concepts

Ability to analyze technical issues, diagnose problems, and develop solutions

Programming (preferably in Java, Python, Node.js) & Software Development Life Cycle concepts