About IBM

IBM (Global)IBM (Global)International Business Machines Corporation, known as IBM, is the largest computer maker in the world. the nickname of the company is Big Blue which has been given by IBM’s group of a uniformly dressed salesman, whose dark suits and the white shirt was worn by the company’s leader Thomas Watson, Sr.Thomas Watson transformed the CTR into a world leader of IT.CTR was formed in 1911 by Charles Runlet…

Responsibilities of the Candidate:

Close collaboration with other delivery teams, technical support teams, and business stakeholders

Create tests to identify software problems

Analyze bugs and errors found during tests

Document results of tests for the software development team

Recommend improvements in software to enhance user experience

Motivate the development process for efficiency and performance

Works together with software development to enhance and improve the quality of the software.

Research and compare similar competitor products

Maintain updated knowledge of industry trends and advancements

Get things done – think outside the box and find creative solutions to tough technical problems


Entry Level

Selenium, Javascript, Python, tokenization, CI/CD