About SmartReach:

SmartReachis a highly convenient and user-friendly software that provides us with the most significant metrics and insights on ongoing campaigns.

Job Description

You are a fresher or recent graduate who is interested in a career in account management.

Preferred skill:

You love to read books and implement them in real life.

You are excellent at writing and ready to be tested on this skillset

You are comfortable calling or presenting to a group of people (No stage fright)

You are a get-things-done person.

You are self-motivated and can go deep into projects.

You are curious, a problem-solver and can easily understand concepts

You can understand the use cases of any software with regards to a business.

You are an engaging conversationalist who is enthusiastic and high energy.

You have completed some formal or informal courses in sales & marketing

Prioritize your tasks based on importance and urgency.

Understand all the personas we sell to.

Read and complete courses that we assign on sales development

For every sales development campaign, you will research for the target audience, grind and iterate on the communication, and measure results and optimize.

Work holistically with all internal teams like marketing, product, tech, customer success, sales, and operations