About Company

We are the World’s First Team to apply Disruptive thinking to Enterprise Software Challenges. We are disrupting the way enterprise software is created by adopting a path-breaking model for development and delivery. Trilogy Innovations has been built ground up on the basis of innovative processes and tools that are our Intellectual Property (IP). We manage massive scale yet provide great cost savings and high quality in our work. This is, by the way, the complete opposite of conventional software development, where scale often leads to quality issues, cost and time overruns. Besides above, Trilogy Innovations also does development for 30+ Enterprise products that our client have has acquired over the last few years. We are the sole partners for our client solving million dollar business challenges. Practically we are the R&D arm of our clients.

Roles & Responsibility

Software Development Engineer and Software Development Engineer Intern

1. Understand the core business problems that our customers face.

2. Suggest technical solutions that will help solve these problems.3. Create and deliver these solutions, so that it generates immense value to our customers and helps them focus on growing their business.

The term ‘Software Development Engineer’ is probably a misnomer and the role could have well been called ‘Strategic Development Engineer’, or ‘Problem-solver.

PFA a detailed Job Description of the role to know what your day would look like if you chose to participate and ace this hiring challenge 

Position Title: Software Development Engineer (SDE)
Eligibility: 2022 Btech/Mtech/BCA/MCA/BSc/MSc graduate from any stream

Compensation: 36.5 Lakhs Per annum (Base: 30LPA +1L Joining Bonus +1L TU Graduation bonus +upto 2.5 L Annual Targeted Bonus + 2 L benefits) 

Location: Remote  

Tentative Start Date: 1st August 2022 

Summer Internship Internship profile: SDE Intern

Eligibility: 2023 Btech/Mtech/BCA/MCA/BSc/MSc graduate from any stream

Stipend: Rs 150000 + Other benefits 

Location: Remote  

Tentative Start Date: 15th May 2022 (negotiable)

Last Date To Apply: 27-Jan-2022

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