All that you need to know about Flipkart GRiD 5.0 – Information Security Challenge

GRiD is Flipkart’s Flagship Engineering Campus Challenge which provides you with the opportunity to apply your technical knowledge and skills, to compete and complete key challenges.

Now in its fifth edition, ‘Flipkart GRiD’ becomes bigger & better, bringing real-world problem statements from the world of E-Commerce to the brightest engineering minds across the globe!

So are you ready to enter the GRiD?

Eligibility & Team Rules:

This competition is open to students pursuing B.Tech/B.E./M.Tech programs across ALL engineering colleges in India (Batch 2024,2025, 2026 & 2027)

Students must register in teams of 1 to 3 members

The batch of 2023 is not eligible to participate in this competition

The participating students can be from any specialization

One person cannot be a member of more than one team

Any deviation from the above will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team

Stages: The Information Security Track will have 3 elimination levels (based on problem statement) to test you on your technical, analytical, and ideation skills before the National Finale where the finalists will get to present their solutions to the panel of domain experts at Flipkart.

Level 1: E-Commerce & Tech Quiz

All registered teams will have to take an online quiz

It is mandatory for all team members to attempt the quiz round

A team will be scored based on the average marks of the team members attempting the quiz round

All teams will be taking this quiz simultaneously during the quiz window

Every participant will be ranked on accuracy (score) and speed (finish time) i.e. if two teams have the same score, then the team that finished earlier will be ranked higher

Participating teams will move on to the next level based on their performance in this assessment

It will be based on E-Commerce Trivia (Reference: and Tech (Infosec Basics + Techstack)

Level 2: Submission of Proof of Concept

Shortlisted teams from level 1 will have to participate in level 2

The problem statement can be accessed here – Click Here to Access

You’ll be able to make submissions until the deadline for this level anytime during the challenge window

The candidates can compress their videos here

The expectation in this level will be to submit the functional proof of concept along with the demo video and code submission

Participating teams in this level will move on to the next level based on their performance

Level 3: The National Finale: In the final level of the GRiD, finalists will be invited to showcase their solutions to the panel of domain experts at Flipkart.